Aideen Bodkin

Aideen Bodkin is based in Dublin and in our humble opinion is one of Ireland’s greatest designers. For over 15 years Aideen has built up her brand by creating beautifully crafted clothing with a vintage twist. The range is designed for women who love simple classic tailoring but with plenty of colour and texture.

Our new autumn/winter 2015 collection of Aideen Bodkin mother of the bride outfits and designer wear has just started to arrive. We don’t have the full collection in yet but it should arrive in the next week or so. However, no sooner did we get what has arrived on the shop floor and it started to sell. This label is one of our favourites here in Vanity Fair, but it’s never on the rails for long. Don’t wait until it is fully arrived or you will miss out on what’s now here! The colours that have arrived so far are champagnes, pinks and taupe and one outfit is nicer than the next! All the prints and stronger colours should arrive soon, but be warned ladies, the madness has started already!!


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