Mother of the Bride Outfits: SALE starts now!!

Condici brown mother of the bride outfit

Our autumn/winter stock was delivered in July so we are now well into the season and are ready for sale. Believe it or not our stock for spring/summer weddings will start to be delivered before Christmas, so we need to make some room!! For the next month we are offering discounts of 20% to 50% off all wedding outfits, so come and see what bargains you can pick up! We also have a special rail of previous seasons outfits all reduced to clear at €150. A sale not to be missed!

Our Condici collection is usually first to be delivered, so the new season outfits for spring/summer weddings will start to arrive in December. John Charles is also usually delivered early and most of it should be in before Christmas, along with a selection from Luis Civit, Zeila, Veni Infantino and most of the other labels. January will see the arrivals of Teresa Ripoll, Damianou and some Aideen Bodkin, and it will be February before Gloria Estelles and the balance of all the remaining labels arrive.
February will also see the arrival of a new label to Vanity Fair, and one that we are thrilled about… Heidi Higgins. We can’t wait for the new year, when we will be carrying three of Ireland’s very best designers, Aideen Bodkin, Heidi Higgins and Caroline Kilkenny. Exciting times ahead!
We are often asked “when will you be fully delivered for the new season?” Technically, we take our last deliveries for spring/summer in February but as the stock starts to come in from December, the answer is a little difficult. The stock is selling as it arrives and we always have a waiting list for Condici for example, so if you wait until the middle of February for the delivery of Heidi Higgins…. you may well miss the best of Condici, or one of the other labels! The best advice we can give is that January and February are our two busiest months, so that is prime shopping time if you are mother of the bride/groom next year. And yes, that applies even if the wedding isn’t until August! That’s not to say we’ll have nothing in April and May, but the same selection won’t be there and the best sellers are usually long gone by May!
The best thing is to keep an eye on our website as we will be updating images as deliveries arrive.
Another question we are often asked is “what colours are in for next season?” For spring/summer 2014 the strongest colour is probably pink, and I’m talking all shades of pink! Shades of pink you’ve never seen before! From pastel pink, candy pink, dusky pink, cerise pink, the whole spectrum of pinks is on offer. There are also a lot of neutrals around, from silvers to soft metallic beiges, soft golds and champagne. That’s definitely the main theme, but don’t worry if that doesn’t appeal to you, we will also have the classic black and whites, navys and there are some lovely outfits also coming in royal blues, corals, turquoise, aquas, lilacs…. so you are sure to find something to fall in love with!

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