Spring is just around the corner!!

Condici blue wedding outfit

We may not have had our winter yet, but here in Vanity Fair spring/summer 2014 new deliveries for mother of the bride dresses and outfits have already started. Our best selling and most sought after label Condici, was delivered almost in full this week (just waiting on two more styles) and we also had some styles delivered from Teresa Ripoll, John Charles, Veni Infantino and Zeila. Things are definitely hotting up around here, and with 2014 apparently being a record year for weddings, we are getting ready to delight and excite all our customers with some of our most stunning collections yet. And so far, so good.
There is plenty more stock due to arrive over the coming weeks, but we are off to a busy start already. We are always asked by customers “when is the best time to shop for mother of the bride?” The answer really is, anytime from now. Technically we won’t receive our last delivery until the end of February but the stock is selling as it arrives, so we are never really “fully stocked”. The best of Condici could well be gone in your size if you leave it until February to shop. So it’s a hard one to answer. Our two busiest months for selling wedding outfits are January and February, and March is also busy, so leaving it until the end of April or May to shop, could leave you disappointed. All this applies even if the wedding is not until July or August, you may think in May that you have plenty time, and yes, of course we will still have plenty stock to choose from, but the best of it may well be gone.
We are so excited about the 2014 collections, and we believe we have chosen the very best mother of the bride dresses and outfits from the very best designers out there. You will be spoilt for choice with labels like our staple ones, Condici, Teresa Ripoll, Luis Civit, Damianou, Lewis Henry, Veni Infantino, Zeila, Gloria Estelles, John Charles and Jomhoy. We also have some new labels to tempt you with this season, Dressed Up by Veromia, Gill Harvey, Gina Bacconi and Irresistible. We are looking forward to seeing how you like these, we love them already! Also new for 2014 will be two Irish designers, Caroline Kilkenny and Heidi Higgins. Vanity Fair will now be home to three of Ireland’s top designers when you include our Aideen Bodkin collection. You have to ask yourself…. why shop anywhere else?
We look forward to seeing you soon.

By Dino Vidan

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