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wedding outfits summer 2014

Well while the rest of you have been relaxing after Christmas and settling back to normality, things in Vanity Fair have been go go go!!! Our SALE is still ongoing and has been keeping us busy, but it’s the deliveries for Spring/Summer that really have us rushed off our feet. They are coming at us hot and heavy and between unpacking, tagging, labelling, steaming and pressing etc, the girls have been kept on their toes by all those early bird customers who are out shopping already, making sure they don’t miss out on the best selection. It seems that every year the new season starts, and customers shop, earlier and earlier and 2014 is no exception. It’s not even a month ago since the Condici delivery arrived and already a lot of it has been sold. We just wanted to give all you mothers of the bride or groom an update and a rough guide line as to when we are expecting deliveries and when you should start looking, if you haven’t already. Condici is now fully delivered and is flying off the rails. We are just waiting on one more style from John Charles but the stock that has been delivered is selling well, so if this is a label that you like, I wouldn’t leave it too much longer. The collection from Veni Infantino was delivered today and it is simply stunning. Again we are still waiting on two more styles but what has been delivered so far is so beautiful, we don’t think it’ll last very long. We have also had a few styles delivered from Zeila but are waiting on a lot more soon. The collection from Teresa Ripoll is now fully delivered and is simply stunning. Also today we got our first delivery from a new collection called Dressed Up by Veromia. Fabulous outfits for sizes 18 to 24, so we’re really excited to see what you think of those. We think they will be a big hit. Our quirky and fabulous collection of dresses from Mashiah also arrived this week, and they are all simply mind-blowingly amazing. It’s a label that is very unique and is not for everyone, but if you can pull it off… wow is all I can say!

We are expecting deliveries next week from Luis Civit and some more from Zeila. Aideen Bodkin should also start to arrive very soon, as it is usually the middle of January when we get our first delivery from her. We certainly hope to be nearly fully delivered by the end of the month, with Damianou, Jomhoy, and the balance of everything else coming through our doors over the next couple of weeks. The only labels that won’t be delivered until the beginning of February are Gloria Estelles and Irresistible, but they will be worth the wait. And lastly, Valentines week will see the delivery from Heidi Higgins. This one, we are really excited about. It will be our first season to carry the label and we’re sure it’ll be a keeper! So… in answer to the question “my daughter/son is getting married this summer, when should I start to look?”, the answer is… anytime from now… and judging from the amount of customers already purchasing, I would say soon! Happy shopping, and hoping to see you all soon.

By Dino Vidan

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