Swing Dress

swing dress black and white

New staff favourite this week! Most of the deliveries are now in and the shop floor is looking very warm and cosy downstairs. We’ve all been trying to decide on which pieces we’ll be investing in this season and decisions were nearly finalised, when along comes this dress and confuses most of us again.

We’re all a little bit in love with a dress with a swing skirt. They’re really flattering on most shapes. If you’re pear shaped and carry your weight on your hips and thighs, then they’re a really clever way to disguise this. If you carry your weight on your top part and have really slender hips and thighs then a dress like this with a full skirt, is a great way to balance this out and give you the illusion of curves.

If you’ve never tried a dress like this then this would be a good one to look at. It’s black and white, so that’s always a good thing! There’s a little touch of polka dot and a little touch of floral print. The rolled neckline is so flattering. Wear it with a pair of heels for an occasion. Wear it with a black top underneath (to give you a sleeve) and a pair of boots for a really smart daytime look.

We love it, I feel a new staff uniform coming on!

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