New Badoo Arrivals

new badoo arrivals grey sleeveless dress

Our new Badoo arrivals are finally in store and what’s not to love about this great dress! It’s cheeky, it’s fun and it would take you anywhere! The new delivery of Badoo arrived this week and we didn’t know where to start admiring it! Some of it is very dressy, ideal for weddings, but part of the collection is very versatile and wearable. There’s a lovely selection of black and white very soft tweed-like fabric that has bursts of floral print in striking royal blue and burnt orange. It certainly jazzed up our shop floor downstairs and we even dedicated an entire window display to it!

Let’s be honest, the weather hasn’t realised yet that Spring has arrived, which is why we love this dress in particular. Wear it now, with black tights and a black top underneath for a sleeve and it’s a perfect transitional piece. Wear it in the summer as it’s pictured, bare legs and with sandals. This is a wardrobe workhorse! It’ll see you through any season and you can wear it casually or dress it up depending on your accessories. Perfect! But you really need to come in and see the rest of the collection too, it’s fab!

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