Autumn Winter Wedding Collections

autumn winter wedding collections luis civit

Well we know we’ve only had our first summery weekend, but it’s all about autumn winter weddings in Vanity Fair at the moment. Most of the deliveries have now arrived and the collections are simply stunning. We did a post last month on the new Condici and Ispirato collections, but lots more has landed since then and it’s getting better and better!

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about the new Autumn/Winter collections is that it still quite bright. There aren’t really that many options in the darker colours like you would expect for winter. Is this a good or bad thing? It remains to be seen! Of course we have some lovely rich royal blues and strong pinks, and navy is also quite dominant, but there’s a lot of soft pink and neutral silvers coming through that you might think would be suited to summer weddings. I suppose, judging over the last few years when we’ve had such mild and balmy Septembers and Octobers, this is no bad thing. Especially as most of June and July so far was a cold washout! (With the exception of this weekend)

The dresses from Anoola this season are just stunning. The soft peachy pink dress and matching jacket, with reverse fastening, is classic Audrey Hepburn style. The royal blue dress with the lace sleeve is to die for, and the back of the dress is amazing (unfortunately we’ve no image of the back, so you’ll have to come and see for yourselves). And our other favourite from this collection is the maroon coloured dress with the beautiful neckline and boat like collar. Three beauties!

The Veni Infantino collection hit the floor on Friday and two outfits sold on Saturday, so if that’s anything to go by, you’d better act soon if you don’t want to miss them. There are two coat options, both in silver grey. These will definitely not last long. A lot of you are looking for coat options and these are two of very few options this season. Most suppliers didn’t focus on the coat this season. I think because a lot more weddings take place all in the one venue, people are often just looking for a dress on its own. But if you’ve your heart set on a coat, then Veni has these two stunners. We also have the beaded coat option in a striking royal blue shade. The red dress and jacket is just gorgeous. People with Christmas weddings love the red shade as it’s so festive, but ladies this is the only red option we have this season so I jumped on it as soon as I saw it. And you should too!

We’ve also had most of our Luis Civit collection delivered. This is one of our best selling labels for mothers of the bride and groom. It never disappoints. It’s always hard to pick the favourites but so far these three have been causing quite the stir. The taupe and Ivory dress and jacket is always a best seller. Every season they do a version in this fabric, and every season I say ” am I really going to buy this again” and every season it is the first to sell! It’s a classic. The black and white outfit is sheer elegance, a Chanel inspired look that is timeless. The purple dress hasn’t arrived yet but we are expecting it this week and we’ve had lots of calls about it since we put it up on the site. It’s going to be another winner!

We’ve also had deliveries from Zeila and Cabotine and you can see the new styles under each individual designers category in our mother of the bride section. The first delivery from Caroline
Kilkenny has also arrived, as has one outfit from Aideen Bodkin, but there’s still more to come from both these designers so we’ll wait until most if it is in before we give you an update on these two Irish favourites! In the meantime, you’ve been warned ladies…. Wedding fever at Vanity Fair has started all over again.

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