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autumn casuals elemente clemente coat

Well it has been over a month since we did a new post! I can’t believe it’s the end of September already. I must be getting old… Time is flying. We’ve been so busy with deliveries over the last few weeks and of course we were up to our eyes attending the Ploughing Championships last week. It was lovely to link up with Celia Holman Lee again this year, and all her beautiful models. In the middle of all this our autumn casuals arrived.

But meanwhile back at base, Autumn has well and truly arrived. The shop floor is looking great. Lots of our cosy casuals are in stock and all our fabulous coloured tights from Falke are adding splashes of colour to the shelves. One of our favourite labels is Elemente Clemente, but we’ve never really done a post on it before. We don’t carry a huge amount of it, and it’s one of those labels that you either really like the look, or it’s not you. But we love this season’s pieces, so I thought I’d talk you through some of the looks.

Elemente Clemente is all about soft dressing. It’s about key individual pieces that stand alone or that you can wear together for a more layered look. Like I said, this is a look, that you either get, or you don’t. Take these two options below. There’s a great slouchy top, either the striped jumper or the sleeveless navy one. You could wear either with a pair of black skinnies and look great. Then you have the fabulous balloon style skirt. Again, you could just put a jumper with either, or you can put them together and style them up! Both skirts are just gorgeous and so flattering on all shapes and sizes.

Add a long white oversized shirt to either outfit and you’ve created a different look again.

There’s also a great pair of wool trousers this season that are wide leg but hang so beautifully that they make your legs go on forever. Team with a white shirt or a loose knit jumper…. Stylish comfort guaranteed!


And of course, who could resist this coat and this jacket? Sheer luxury!

There’s lots more casual labels for you to choose from in Vanity Fair. Who doesn’t love to add a few new bits to the wardrobe at the beginning of every season? Hope to see you soon in Newbridge.

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