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fely campo dark red tweed outfit

Fely Campo is one of our favourite mother of the bride/groom labels. It was a new label to Ireland last spring/summer season and we jumped on it as soon as we saw it. Fely Campo was exactly what we were looking for. It offered something different to all our usual labels, and it was young and fun in its style. The Autumn/winter collection arrived last month, and it was just as stunning as the previous seasons. But perhaps what we loved most about it was that it really was an Autumn/Winter collection and was completely different to the Spring/summer look.

Often our labels like Zeila, John Charles, Condici etc, although we love them, there’s really very little difference between the two seasons collections. In fact it’s one of the reasons we choose not to carry John Charles for Autumn, we felt the colours and fabrics were just too pale and summery looking. Now don’t get me wrong, in a country like Ireland, it’s probably not a bad decision on their part, after all, we are known for our wet, coolish summers and our mild winters. Mostly there’s very little difference between the temperatures on a day in May or November! But when we saw the Fely Campo collection, it, unlike any of the others, definitely said Autumn/Winter.

The fabrics feel heavier to the touch, although are still light enough not to be too warm for indoor wear, but they have a beautiful autumnal look to them. Perfect for weddings from October to February! There’s a stunning dress and coat in a cream and black mix that is just amazing. The dress is classic simplicity at its best, while the coat offers that touch of drama and quirkiness. You’ll get endless wear out of both pieces separately after your occasion. You can also unstitch the tucks on the skirt of the coat so they lie flat and you just have a straight coat. They are only tacked for effect, but if you don’t like the look, they can simply be let down. But we love it just the way it is!

Feast your eyes on this coat style dress. It is a dress with a zip up the back, but with the buttons on the front, it kind of looks like a coat. It’s undoubtedly my favourite dress this year. If there’s anyone getting married soon and wants to make up numbers, please invite me! I would just love an opportunity to wear this dress. I love the wine coloured, almost tweed like fabric, but if it’s a Christmas wedding, then the plain red wins hands down! What’s not to love about this dress? It’s so so beautiful. And if you’re a pear shape and have trouble fitting into straight dresses without having to get the top part altered, then this is the shape for you. Or, if you’ve no bum and would love to give the illusion of a booty, then look no further than this shape. The only catch with a style like this is that you have to have a waist. Otherwise it just adds pounds. We have this dress from a size 8 to a size 18 and any size can wear it, once you have a small waist! Pears, hourglass or rectangle shape are good, but not a good shape on an apple!!

If you like the tweedy fabric, but not sure your waist will pull off the dress above, then what about this next style? The dress, although still a flared shape is much easier to wear, and will suit any shape. Again, we are loving the tucks to the front part of the skirt, it adds a touch of fun to what is a serious looking fabric! But the jacket….. With its rolled collar and elbow length sleeve…. Complete class! It fastens to the back with a lovely brooch detail, leaving the front streamlined and elegant. Love it!

And last but not least we have these midnight blue and grey options. The midnight blue dress with the contrasting jacket is so sophisticated. The dress underneath has a little cap sleeve, but it’s the fake pocket like folds on the hips that we love. So different and unusual. We loved the fabric of the jacket so much, we asked could they make us a dress in the fabric, this time with a sleeve, so it could be worn on its own. Again, you’ll get endless wear out of this dress. Celia Holman Lee modelled it for us one of the days at the Ploughing fashion shows and she looked amazing. It’s a super fit and so flattering to wear.

As you can see, although we classify Fely Campo as a mother of the bride collection, it really could be worn to any formal event, by any age. It’s the price that makes it more for a mother of the bride than a guest to be honest (although I suppose it depends on your budget and lifestyle if you were purchasing as a guest!). It starts at over €600 for the dress on its own, but it’s well worth treating yourself. It really does offer something very different to the usual mother of the bride labels. And that’s exactly why we love it!!

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