Mother of The Bride Collections 2017

mother of the bride collections 2017

With February arriving tomorrow, I’m sure all of us are asking where did January go? January is always a busy month in Vanity Fair. While other shops struggle through the long dark days trying to sell off the last of their sale stock, special occasion boutiques like ourselves are kept busy busy busy. All our new arrivals for spring summer weddings come through the doors every day and there’s lots of steaming, merchandising, pricing etc to be done. Our mother of the bride collections 2017 are truly stunning.

Along with the deliveries, customers come through the doors in droves, all looking to be first off the mark and get their pick of the all the new arrivals. So with January nearly over, here’s where we’re at! Lots has already been sold and already there have been a few disappointed customers whose sizes have been sold in their chosen outfit. However, don’t despair, there’s still a little bit more stock to arrive.

So far we have received over half our Luis Civit collection. A lot of these styles are nearly gone already, and we’ve only two left of the stunning taupe and Ivory dress and jacket. However we are still waiting for the beautiful black and white outfit and also the coral and lilac dresses, that will hopefully come any day now.

Condici is still arriving, as is Ispirato and both labels are selling well. There are still one or two styles to come in from Ispirato, but we got the most stunning purple outfit last week that we all love. The dress is soft and floaty with a gorgeous pleated skirt that just makes you want to do a twirl! If you prefer something more structured there is a dress that almost looks like a top and skirt. We love the sleeve and the neckline is just so elegant. You’re dressed in this dress! We also have it in a rich dusky pink shade and can’t decide which we prefer!

Cabotine and Zeila are also both nearly fully delivered. The ivory and taupe lace dress and jacket from Cabotine has definitely caught your attention on the website and every day we take phone calls about it. It is beautiful, so chic! Just always check with the bride that she’s happy with you wearing Ivory! The Zeila outfit getting most of your attention on the website is the floral coat with the ivory dress. It hasn’t arrived yet but we are hoping to get it this week. Our favourite though from Cabotine is probably the blue floral dress with the swing skirt, it’s divine! And our favourite Zeila is definitely the white/ blue dress with the lace sleeve. We’ve only three left and we’ll miss it when it’s gone! It’s really beautiful.

John Charles is just amazing this season. We’ve only one size 8 left in the champagne dress with the beaded shoulder. But our favourite is the navy and white dress that has an overlay of a navy type of coat. This is attached to the dress by simple press studs and can be easily removed after the ceremony allowing a less formal look for the rest of the day. Love it! It only arrived last week.

Our winner this season is undoubtedly Veni Infantino. This collection always surprises us. Over the years, it either just doesn’t work and we think about dropping it for the next season, or else it completely sells out in a matter of weeks. And I’ve no idea why! The last two seasons it has by far out sold any other label. The collection arrived before Christmas and at this stage, it’s thin on the ground. The dress and coat with the bow that is on the website is all gone. So many of you are looking for it, but I’m afraid it’s sold out. We have it ordered again for Autumn but the deliveries won’t be until June! So if your wedding is before that, you’ve missed out. The other styles are also practically gone so if you’re looking for Veni, come fast!

Aideen Bodkin is another label that sells quickly. It only arrived mid January so there’s still a lot to choose from. We also doubled up on certain sizes in one or two styles this year, so hopefully we’ll still have a good selection by the time March comes. Normally, we’ve practically nothing left by the end of February. It’s impossible to pick a winner from this collection, every single outfit is stunning! If we had to choose, it would probably be the yellow, as it’s just so fresh and sharp. But we also love the floral swing dress with the raspberry floral print, just fab!

Don’t get me started on how much we love Fely Campo this season! Actually, I don’t really have words!! It’s by far my favourite collection this year, it’s breathtaking! You’ll have to see for yourselves. It’s so different to everything else on offer. Needless to say, it’s already getting kind of thin on the ground, so don’t delay. The beauty of this label is that when I’m buying it, I can kind of chop and change it to suit myself, which is great. But that means, I don’t have photos of everything, as they only photograph their own samples the way they are! So you really do have to come and see for yourselves!

The next week or two will hopefully bring the balance of all the deliveries and we’ll also be getting our Anoola collection, which hasn’t started yet. We can’t wait to get these dresses into stock. They’re going to be worth the wait. Here’s a little sneak peek of two of them!


So we hope to see you soon. And please bear in mind…..even if your wedding is not until August, this is when the stock of our mother of the bride collections 2017¬†arrives, and more importantly this is when the stock sells!! So don’t think you’ve loads of time! We’ll see you soon.

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