Autumn Winter Mother of The Bride Collections

autumn winter mother of the bride collections

Well, summer has only just arrived in the real world, but in Vanity Fair Land, it’s time to get ready for all the Autumn Winter mother of the bride collections to arrive. This week we got our full collection from our best selling labels Condici and Veni Infantino. Most of our Ispirato collection also arrived, and the start of the collections from Luis Civit, Zeila and Cabotine are also on the shop floor.

There will be a lot more arriving over the next few weeks, with collections from Aideen Bodkin, Anoola and Fely Campo all scheduled for early July, but it is safe to say that you can start shopping now!

We are always asked “when will you be fully stocked for winter weddings?”. There’s no easy answer, as it doesn’t all come together. It has started now, but there will be deliveries every week from now until the middle of August. If you wait until August, you may well have missed your size in something that was delivered this week, but if you come this week, your ideal outfit might not have arrived yet! It’s always a game of luck and waiting!

However, if Condici is your look, then get here fast . The full collection is on the shop floor, one of each size, so don’t delay if this is a label you love. It is one of our most popular collections and always moves fast. The same applies for Veni Infantino. I’ve never seen anything like the speed that this collection sold out the last two seasons, it was ridiculous!! Both labels offer very classical elegant timeless looks and are firm favourites with customers. And it’s a bit confusing to be honest. So many of you say you’re looking for something different, something young and funky, and yet our funky stuff is often left for the sale rail, while the more demure look of the Veni Infantino coat and dress for example will probably be sold out by the end of July!

But whatever style you’re looking for, we’ve a huge mix of looks and designers to choose from. So this is your warning ladies, don’t come crying to me in September when most of the stock has been sold, July and August are our two busiest months for Autumn/Winter weddings so on your marks, get set, go……

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