Mother of the Bride & Groom Collections | Autumn/Winter 2018

mother of the bride & groom collections

The middle of June marks the beginning of winter in Vanity Fair, at least in terms of our mother of the bride & groom collections. This is the crazy world of fashion, don’t forget, it bears no resemblance to the real world, where summer has just begun. Last week, we took in lots of new deliveries from some of our best-selling mother of the bride labels, and on Friday we made a new home for them on the shop floor.

Undoubtedly the fastest selling mother of the bride/groom collection for the past few seasons has been Veni Infantino. The full collection went on the floor at about 4pm on Friday, and by the time we closed one had already sold to a mother of the groom who had casually popped in for a look with no intention of buying anything. And four more sold over the weekend. That’s what happens with Veni Infantino, it disappears fast, so if it’s a label that you like, I would recommend coming soon, before the best of it is gone. As well as the pictures shown below, certain styles also come in a dark taupe colour, classic navy and ivory, and there’s also a stunning rich royal blue in one of the coat styles.

The Luis Civit collection has also arrived. Again, this is an extremely popular label from our mother of the bride & groom collections that never disappoints. Every year we find new labels we want to take on and we must therefore cut back on existing labels. Luis Civit is never considered for even a moment when we think about which label to drop. It is one of our longest standing brands that will always have a forever home in Vanity Fair. You can see why. The beautiful magenta pink dress also comes in a royal blue, which has been selling fast.

The most exciting delivery for me personally of all our wedding wear is undoubtedly Fely Campo. This designer is outstanding in her ability to create something new and fresh each season, while still keeping her signature style that makes her collection so strong. Some of the best-selling shapes and styles from Spring/Summer are repeated, but the use of different fabrics for autumn/winter means they have taken on a whole new look. Unfortunately we don’t have any images from the supplier for this collection but we do have a post on our Facebook page where you can see one of our lovely customers who kindly agreed to model some for us.

The Teresa Ripoll collection has also been delivered. This label exudes elegance and sophistication. Classic tailoring at its very best, but with a contemporary twist to each piece. By far our most expensive label, it is also one of our most sought after. Any mother of the bride or groom who has worn a Teresa Ripoll dress once, finds it very hard to get something that can compete when her next child’s wedding comes around. The autumn collection is relatively small consisting of maybe six of seven styles that can be purchased in a variety of colours and fabrics. Each dress is nicer than the next and you’ll find it difficult to pick a favourite.

So that’s a small glimpse at what has arrived so far. July will see deliveries from Anoola, Ispirato, Cabotine, Zeila, Gina Bacconi, Aideen Bodkin and Caroline Kilkenny. But remember what has already been delivered has started to sell so if you like the look of anything above, then don’t wait around. Your size could be gone before this week is out.

One question we are asked daily on the phone and by email is “when will your stock be fully delivered?”
It’s very hard to advise customers when is the best time to call to see the new collections. It is selling as it’s coming, so by the time the last delivery arrives sometime around the end of August, a lot of what is here now, will be long gone. All I can say is that July and August are definitely our two busiest selling months for mothers of the brides/grooms with winter weddings. There is still plenty of choice available in September too, but the early bird catches the worm!

Another important point to make is, if your wedding is not until January or February 2019, now is when you need to be shopping. A lot of mothers visit around November time thinking they have plenty time, but November is when our stock levels are at their lowest. The new spring/summer deliveries start in December, so if it’s more a wintery look you want then the next few months is when you need to visit us.

The best piece of advice I can give any mother of the bride/groom is to come with an open mind, don’t judge anything on a hanger, and try on lots and lots of different styles and colours. And let us guide you; this is our area of expertise. We have dressed countless happy customers, and if I had a penny for every time a customer said “I would never have tried that on from looking at it on the hanger”, put it this way, I’d be writing this post from the Caribbean somewhere. We love what we do, and we want to help you find the perfect dress for you to fall in love with.

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