Reflections on 2018 and Expectations for 2019

reflections on 2018

Well 2018, you weren’t too bad I suppose, but I’m hoping 2019 will be better. I’m not a big one for “dates”, Valentines, birthdays, Halloween, not even Christmas really does it for me. I think it’s the rebellious “bold” streak in me that doesn’t like being told you must feel/do this because it’s this/that date. It makes me kind of rally against the fuss. But there is something about the end of a year that feels special. 2017 was not a good year, 2018 was definitely better, but not easy. I’ve no idea what 2019 will bring, but I’m definitely feeling hopeful.

I wrote a post back in January, and in it I talked about how social media, specifically Snapchat had changed our business for the better. I said I would concentrate more on Facebook and do some videos there. I stuck to that. I also said I would stop ignoring Instagram, and I did that too, I now torment those poor people watching daily. But I also said I would write more blog posts on here. I didn’t. I wrote three posts all year. But sure look, two out of three ain’t bad! And I’m definitely going to focus better next year on this blog.

Looking back, when I woke up to the snow on the 28th of February, I thought the year was a write off, that this would surely be the nail in our coffin. 2017 had been a real struggle, and then being shut for four days during what is always one of our busiest weeks of the year, I honestly had no idea how we were going to recover from it. Those of you who followed me on Snapchat at that time would have seen the mini breakdown in all its glory . But we made it to the end of the year, and I’m still smiling, and that’s an achievement in itself.

But I’m more than still smiling, I’m hopeful and I’m feeling positive in a way I haven’t felt in a good few years. Retail is still very very tough; don’t let the positive smiles on social media fully fool you. It’s a bloody nightmare most days. But I wouldn’t do anything else with my life, so I’m blessed that I get to live my dream every day and I try not to forget that.

We have plans for 2019; well we’ve one big plan. It might never be anything more than just a plan. It might never get off the ground, but I love the planning as much as anything, so it’ll be a fun process whatever the result. But first off for 2019, January in Vanity Fair is all about spring summer weddings. The deliveries for mothers of the bride/groom collections started coming before Christmas and there is plenty more expected over the coming weeks. Be excited, that’s all I’ll say. The collections are amazing.

February will see the first deliveries of stock for wedding guests, communion/confirmation mammies and race goers and by March it’ll be like winter never happened and we’ll all be gearing up for the best summer ever. THERE WILL BE NO SNOW IN MARCH.

I will do a post on Thursday bringing you all up to speed on where we’re at regarding mother of the bride/groom deliveries and we will update the website this week with some of the images of new collections. But we do not have images of everything. The only way to see our full collection is to call in to see us. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you in 2019. Whether it’s a new dress for work you’re after, or a full on wedding outfit, we do our best to have something for everyone.

Happy New Year, I’m excited, for us and for you.

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