New Spring Summer Collections

new spring summer collections

Our mother of the Bride/Groom new Spring/Summer collections started to arrive before Christmas and upstairs is now looking bright and beautiful, and ready for all this year’s customers. Since we opened the doors on the 27th, we’ve had lots of future mothers of the bride pop in for a look, with their daughters in tow, and some have already fallen in love with their perfect outfit. But most have been simply looking, gathering ideas and food for thought and will be coming back in a couple of weeks when more stock arrives.

There will be deliveries arriving every day for the month of January with the stock going on the floor immediately. We spend the month of January answering messages asking “when will all your stock be in?” The simple answer is, sometime around mid-February, but it’s not as simple as that. We only order one of each size in every dress, occasionally we might double up on our best-selling sizes, but there is no guarantee that what was delivered today will still be here in February. But don’t let that alarm you either; we are a large shop with a huge selection of different styles and designers. And the stock that is being delivered now is enough to see us through until the autumn/winter stock arrives from mid-June onwards.

At the moment, from our new Spring Summer collections we have a little bit of stock in from nearly everyone, so there is a good selection on the floor now, but there is literally three to four times the amount still to come. We got a stunning dress delivered today in two different colours from Claudia C which is a sister brand to the better known Luis Civit brand. It’s young, it’s different and it’s simply showstopping. Tomorrow will bring something else and the next day something else etc etc. There are two other outfits in from Luis Civit that are stunning, a kind of Chanel style dress and jacket in a subtle cream and pink blend, perfect for a March/April wedding when you want a bit of colour, but you don’t want to look too summery, or freeze to death in something flimsy. And there’s also a beautiful dress and matching sheer jacket in a floral print that is perfect for May, June or July weddings, it screams summer.

We also have had styles delivered from Condici, which is always a firm favourite with certain customers and this season offers something a little bit different. Condici, being an English label is always popular with customers who are taller, and don’t always suit a lot of the Spanish brands. There is a stunning midi length dress this season, which comes in a mint green and also in a dusky charcoal shade, it’s a winner. And the other stand-alone dress from the collection is the navy and ivory polka dot and this has already been selling fast. There are also the more usual classic styles that the Condici customer loves; timeless elegance is the perfect description of the Condici brand.

The last couple of years, our best selling label has undoubtedly been Veni Infantino. I’d say nearly half the collection has now been delivered and as usual it is flying off the rails. Don’t wait too much longer if you like the look of this brand. Most of it will be long gone if you wait until mid February.

My own personal favourite label has to be Fely Campo, and again, most of this collection is now instore. Unfortunately the images we have for this brand are not always what we’ve chosen to stock. One of the things I love most about  Fely Campo is that each shop can kind of choose their own collection, we can pick a certain style of dress in different fabrics, we can add sleeves, we can add different trims. This is an added bonus as it means not every shop that carries the brand has the same stock, but it means that the imagery we get from the suppliers samples don’t always match our collection. But it’s a price worth paying. It’s nice to have something different. The other great thing about Fely Campo is that you can order in your size if we have sold it, within a six week delivery (depending on fabric availability). It is one of the few brands that offer this service. So there isn’t the same pressure to purchase it early.

Teresa Ripoll is one of our most luxurious brands and one that we fall in love with every season. There have been new styles delivered from them too, with more due mid February. Mashiah is another brand that we loose our minds over when it hits the floor. It’s not for everyone, it’s quirky and different, and nothing about it says “mother of the bride”. It’s expensive, and you’ll either love it or hate it, but if you love it, then hurry, as the full collection has now been delivered.

We also have a new label this season, another Spanish company, Rosa Clara, we’ve had two styles delivered from them too, and we are really excited to get the rest of the collection. We think it’s going to be a winner. The next week or two will see the arrival of our two favourite Irish designers, Aideen Bodkin and Caroline Kilkenny. I’ll do a specific post here to talk about that then and post about it on social media to make sure you don’t miss out. And it’ll be a case of “on your marks, get set, go” when those collections hit the floor, they disappear fast.

There are lots of other brands to arrive, Gina Bacconi, Ispirato and Anoola always do the most exquisite stand alone dresses, which are getting more and more popular as not everyone wants the “outfit” anymore with weddings becoming less formal in lots of ways. We carry from a size 8 to a 28. Certain brands stop at a size 18, some brands we start at a size 20. Others like Condici, Gina Bacconi, Veni, and Luis Civit go up to size 22 or 24 from a size 8. So, unfortunately we don’t have the  SAME SELECTION  available in every size, but we do have a the  BEST SELECTION  we can get.

Some of the brands that we stock exclusively from a size 20 upwards are Jomhoy, Lewis Henry and Dressed Up. Have a look at just some of the images here, that navy lace dress! The navy and ivory coat and dress, simply divine. And that silver outfit, just stunning. They are all from the Dressed Up label and fit like a glove. A size 22 is a proper size 22, unlike some of the other Spanish brands where a 22 fits like an 18 or 20.

Keep your eyes peeled next Wednesday to the Today Show on RTÉ 1 where we’ll be showing some looks from Fely Campo, Luis Civit, Claudia C and Veni Infantino. 2019 has already kicked off to a flying start and we hope to see lots of you over the next few months. Do remember though, that we will never show our full collection online, so it’s always best to call in to see us.

We will start updating the categories on the website this week with new images under each label. Not every dress will already have been delivered, even though we put up the picture, so if you’re travelling to see something specifically it’s always best to call us on  045 431905  to make sure it has been delivered. However, it’s never really a good idea to set your heart on something from a picture on a website, it’s rarely the one you’ll end up buying. Come with an open mind, try on lots, even the ones you think you don’t like on the hanger, they’re often the best surprise. While you’re here have a read of the two articles on our home page, “shopping tips for mother of the bride” and “when to shop for mother of the bride” and if you manage to get through all that reading, you’ll be the most informed mother out there and all your questions should be answered. But in case I’ve left anything out, please call us with any queries, it’s the best and fastest way to get us.

I’m so excited to be starting this merry go round of retail all over again for another year. Let’s be having you 2019.

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