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Trendy Women’s Clothing

In “Sassy Style” you’ll find some of our young trendy women’s clothing! Now, when I say young, it’s like walking into a minefield. We are often asked for labels from customers who are going to their friend’s wedding, their brother’s wedding, their child’s communion, so you kind of get the age group I’m talking about. It’s difficult to put an age group on a label. I always say that Diva dresses for example, we sell to customers aged 25 to 80!! And of course, customers in their 20’s and 30’s purchase labels like Tia, Michaela Louisa, Apanage, but we were looking for something a bit more funky, without being too edgy. Customers often tell us they struggle to find trendy women’s clothing, so we went on the search!

We wanted to find labels that would compete with the high street but would be boutique quality. Our 28 year old customer, and our 42 year old customer, are all looking for the same thing when they’re attending an occasion. They don’t necessarily want to wear a dress that they know there are thousands of from a huge retailer. Yet they don’t want to spend €250 upwards for a dress they know they’ll only wear once or twice. They are looking for trendy women’s clothing that is affordable yet chic.

We hope we’ve chosen labels that are up to the challenge. Traffic People and Darling both offer a mix of occasion wear and just some cool pieces you’d wear anywhere. We love them both! The others are mainly dresses for a special event and we hope you find something to make your heart sing! If there’s nothing here for you, have a look under our Dresses to Impress category, where we have lots more labels to choose from.

Please click on the labels below to see a small selection of the sassy styles on offer from each designer and remember there’s a lot more to choose from in store.