This is just to inform you when our deliveries come and which are our busiest months. We are a large shop with a large selection of labels, so whenever you choose to shop you will have plenty dresses and outfits to pick from, we just want to guide you a little!

There are two main deliveries each year. The spring/summer collection starts to arrive before Christmas and we continue to get deliveries each week right up until the middle of February. This means technically we are not fully delivered until mid Feb., but the truth is we are never “fully stocked” as we are selling as the deliveries come. The styles that arrive in December are usually sold by the time the last delivery arrives. January and February are traditionally our two busiest months of the year for mother of the bride/groom sales. March and April are also very busy and there is still plenty choice available in these months. In May and June, things get quieter and if you leave it until then to shop you may have missed the pick of the bunch!

It is important to remember all this: even if your wedding isn’t until August, you may feel that shopping in February you’ll be much too early, and in the real world you’d be right, but this is the crazy world of fashion! If you’re reading this in May and your wedding is in August please don’t panic. We carry a huge stock and there will be plenty left for you to choose from, we just want to point out that the busiest months are the early months of the year.

The collections for autumn/winter weddings start to arrive from the middle of June with Condici and John Charles usually being first off the mark. The other collections will start to arrive in July and continue to be delivered until the end of August. For winter wedding outfits August and September are our two busiest months.

People with weddings in March and April usually come in around November thinking they have plenty of time, but November is the month when our stock levels are at their lowest. Most of the winter stock has sold and the new deliveries have not started yet. February/March weddings, technically are “winter” weddings, as it’s still cold, so anytime from July to September is your ideal time to shop. Otherwise you’re better waiting until January to get the pick of the spring deliveries.

The weight and the fabrics don’t change hugely from season to season, it’s the colours that vary the most. But again, each season has a selection of classics which are appropriate regardless of the month of the wedding – black/navy and white/ivory, champagnes, silvers etc.

We generally only carry one of each size in any particular outfit. A lot of customers presume that we can order in stock for them if their size is sold. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. There are certain labels that we can do this with, but these days, most manufacturers only make the quantities that have been originally ordered by us retailers six months in advance. Most, no longer make extra garments for stock, so it is not always possible for us to get extra stock as our sizes sell.

So, whenever your wedding is, we look forward to seeing you in Vanity Fair and being a small part of your big day!

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